Trading Strategies

We specialize in AI applications such as risk management for various types of assets, and optimize strategies to meet unique trading requirements. With our multi-faceted knowledge in algorithmic trading, we handle most demands related to automated and electronic trading.

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Expert Advisor(EA)

  • It is an automatic intelligent trading program that utilizes unsupervised machine learning algorithm to trade financial instruments such as Forex and equities.
  • The program adopts stringent money management and FIFO methodology to avoid over leveraging and taking excessive risk.
  • The program will constantly evolve over time; optimising the trading methods and money management in relative to the dynamic markets.
  • The traits of its intelligence could be observed in its trading logic. No one single trade is the same, every stop-loss and take profit is unique. The trading pattern mimics closely how a human would trade minus off the human impulse.
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  • Universe Sky EA is a hybrid trading EA that uses FIFO methods, instead of tanking a position throughout the duration of the primary trend, which could result in massive draw downs.
  • FX risk per trade is 1 to 3 % of equity, with a portfolio cap of 10% absolute drawdown.
  • Currently in the market, common EA types can be classified as range trading and trend trading. These two methods will function over a certain period and do not guarantee winnings as the market is dynamic and oscillates between trending and range. Most EA uses static values which is ridge in a dynamic environment.
  • The intelligent algorithm in Universe Sky EA will learn how to avoid range markets, and will enter in bite size to test the market condition before it starts to trend. The algorithm is also capable to perform semantic and natural language processing (NLP) analytics, taking instant news from Dow Jones, Bloomberg and other breaking news providers and parse it to integrate into logic decisions alongside the technical decisions. Most of high risk liquid asset classessuch as FX and stock markets are driven by news (or “rumors”) dynamically. The instant spike in prices due to news are often not a good correlation to its fundamental ‘true’ values. However, such swings are desirable for big winnings since the algorithm is programmed to take advantage categorically.



Automatic Trading Expert Strategies

Universal Sky is a research and development company concentrated on building Artificial Intelligence to modern trading systems.


Trend Following

Trend following is one of the most basic strategies derived from algorithmic trading.


Mean Reversion

The strategy of mean reversion, also known as trading range, is based on the idea that certain prices can be rather temporary.

Mathematical Models

Also known as the delta-neutral strategy, the strategy of mathematical models is commonly implemented for its underlying security.


Percentage of Volume

This particular strategy increases and decreases the volume of partial orders being sent according to the set participation...


Volume Weighted Average Price

Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) strategy splits up a large trade order and distributes the smaller pieces...


Time Weighted Average Price

Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP) strategy splits up a large trade order and distributes the smaller pieces...


Trend Momentum

Trend Momentum strategy is quite similar to Trend Following strategy.