Universe Sky specializes in algorithmic financial modelling that addresses a wide range of asset classes in currencies and commodities market, including those that deal with derivatives, debts, equities, ETF, TFEX, DW, fund of funds, and convertibles.

With over 20 years of experience in the algo-trading field, our team of experts has been offering clients with tested, proven algorithm and model that provides traders access to automated electronic trading markets.

Our proprietary Alternative Trading Expert (ATE) architecture is meticulously designed to be customizable, scalable and less risky for our clients.



We empower our clients with real time information through the use of our ATE platform. The ATE architecture is a live platform that is shared with our clients to ensure full transparency of trade activities and performances.Our business model is such that we do not manage client’s funds directly. This eliminates any potential conflict of interest and maintain our uncompromising integrity, allowing us to build win-win partnerships with our clients.


Our algorithmic models and strategies are backed by the ATE architecture, which uses a combination of a portfolio distribution model and algorithm distribution model.This architecture essentially eliminates any obstacles in analytical activities and test the models and strategies under different market conditions.What this really means to our clients is that we can achieve consistent, positive returns and minimize risks for our investors over the long-term.